A Fitness Watch
Designed with the
Sun Lover
in Mind


Get sun kissed the smart way! Soak up some feel good vibes from the sun while avoiding sunburn by using SunTrack to monitor your sun exposure. Say hello to all that Vitamin D goodness.

Activity Tracking

Monitoring your daily activity has never been easier. With our multi-activity tracker that acts as a wearable health monitor, you can measure your steps taken, distance walked or run, calories burned, and get notified when you’ve reached a milestone.

Sleep Tracking

You know that getting enough sleep is crucial to your health. But are you truly getting a good night’s sleep, every day? In addition to tracking your sleep duration, O’We also tracks sleep interruptions, and tailors your sleep schedule to ensure you’re getting the right amount of sleep each day.

Inactivity Alert

Like a best friend who’s always looking out for your well-being, O’We alerts you whenever you’ve been inactive for an hour. This way, you’ll never forget to take wellneeded breaks from your desk or couch to get that blood circulation going.


Stay Connected with Smart Notifications

Power through your day with O’We’s smart notifications. View your messages on O’We in real time as they come through your smartphone. Never miss an important message again!

Re-experience Your Favourite Music

Easily toggle through your music, adjust your volume, pause, play or switch songs with a simple tap on your O’We.

Anti-loss Alerts for Peace of Mind

Do you tend to leave your phone in places, then find yourself scrambling to remember where? Fret not! With O’We’s anti-loss alerts, you’ll never forget your phone again.

Epic Battery Life for Ultimate Productivity

Tired watching the battery life drain from your device in the middle of the day? With O’We, you’ll never worry about battery life again. O’We’s epic battery life can last up to 5 days on a single charge.




Silent Alarms to Pump Up Your Mornings

Nothing’s more annoying than an intrusive, unappealing alarm to start your day. O’We’s vibrating alarm gently but successfully wakes you up and notifies you about the time, letting you ease into your day peacefully.

Prepare Smartly for the Weather

Say goodbye to running out the door in a hurry, then realizing you aren’t dressed appropriately for the weather that day! With O’We, you’ll always be updated with the latest weather information, up to two days ahead.


Premium Stainless Steel for Timeless Elegance

O’We’s gorgeous case is made from sleek, stylish and premium stainless steel, providing the style conscious with a fashion forward wearable technology that’s overflowing with timeless elegance.

A Fashion Forward Smartwatch that’s Uniquely You

With three colours to choose from, you’ll fall in love with O’We’s premium Italian leather watchbands that can be easily adjustable for maximum comfort. O’We’s watchbands can also be easily swapped with other standard 22mm watchbands.

Dazzling, Brilliant Color LCD

Get ready to be blown away by O’We’s dazzling, brilliant color LCD that’s always readable, even in bright sunlight. O’We is also water resistant, so you’ll never worry about getting it wet in the rain.