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7 months ago
Mariyapan saini
I struggled for first couple of days but after that it is breeze to use. I just can't leave home without it. I love the travel case. It is unexpected bonus.
7 months ago
Gautham Das
I have hunchback problem. This device is really helpful. Thanks Dipitr.
7 months ago
Ram Suri
It is great device for posture correction. My physio recommended me so I went for it. I love the personalized options which gives me more control on how I want to use the device. Thank you Strack!!
7 months ago
I have had a posture problem most of my life, and I've tried all sorts of braces to correct it. I needed help with reminder. Finally I found this on Google. I am have been using it from last one month and my posture has improved significantly. I love the built-in activity tracker too.
8 months ago
Rahul Jain
I have bought many posture corrector belts in past. They are all useless for me. Strack has been the best purchase so far. I am loving it.
10 months ago
I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product.
10 months ago
The results in 6 weeks are amazing. The pain in my upper back is reduced. Wish I had found Strack a few years earlier.
10 months ago
I had a mild pain in my upper back because of sitting on the chair for longer hours. My physio told me to sit straight at least 30 minutes every hour. I bought strack and it really helps in achieving my hourly goal. Thanks
11 months ago
Strack has become an important part of my life in last 30 days. My slouch is reduce and I am stting more than 20 minutes every hour.
11 months ago
Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
11 months ago
Strack is the most valuable smart wearable I EVER purchased. Strack is the coolest posture corrector. Just have to wear it using with a magnet and it starts working…
11 months ago
I have been using Strack for the last 3 months. You won't regret it.
11 months ago
Wearing my posture belt was really a huge task. Strack is effective and easy to use. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Strack.
11 months ago
Really good. Thank you so much for your help me get rid of my back pain.
12 months ago
Absolutely wonderful! I am using the Strack on training mode for three weeks and I am really happy to share that I am already sitting straight for 20 minutes every hour.
12 months ago
I have purchased more than 5 posture corrector belts in the past 1 one year. Strack is the best investment I ever made.
12 months ago
Me an my wife are using Strack for more than a month now. We are extremely satisfied with the results.
12 months ago
The mobile app is what makes Strack stand out from traditional posture correctors. Its good to know how much I slouch in a day and then work on it. 🙂

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