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Introducing Strack

Strack is India's first Smart 360° Posture Care Solution. Strack is a tiny wearable posture corrector device. It vibrates every time you slouch thus helping you to improve your posture. By improving the way you sit you can start leading a healthy life.


Posture Correction

Correct your posture effortlessly.

Strack alerts you with gentle vibration when bad posture is detected.


Posture Tracking

Monitor your posture improvement easily. Monitor your daily, weekly and monthly progress via free iOS and Android App.


Posture Training

Strack comes with Artificial Intelligence based training mode to train you for great posture in as little as 30 days.


Posture Management

Strack helps you improve your posture with personalised goals. You can also customize various parameters to get the best out of Strack for your posture correction needs.


Activity Tracking

Monitoring your step count has never been easier. Strack's built-in activity tracking helps you count every step that you take.


In-Activity Tracking

Like a best friend who's always looking out for your well-being, Strack alerts you whenever you have been inactive for an hour.


Data Syncing

Strack syncs the data on the device to the mobile app for detailed view.

Training & Certification

Upon joining this program you will receive online training on ergonomics and posture retraining by ergonomics experts and senior sports physiotherpist. You will also receive a training on marketing and business development to grow your practice. Upon successful completion of training you will receive a certificate from Dipitr Posture Academy.

Get Featured

Get featured on our Physio Partner Directory and become visible to thousands of people in your area looking for posture related physiotherapy consultation.

Get Paid

You can refer Strack to your Patients. You patient will receive a discount to buy Strack on You will receive an affiliate fee for your recommendation. You can also track all your referrals and earnings from you r dashboard.

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Refer a Strack to your Patients and create a New Revenue Stream


1. Training from Posture Experts

2. Certificate from Dipitr Posture Academy

3. Feature on Website

4. Free Strack Device

5. Gift Vouchers

6. Marketing Materials

Fees & Registration:

Get total benefits worth more than Rs. 13500.

Enrollment Fee: Rs. 5499 Only.

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