How Strack Works?

Step 1. Get your Strack!

You can buy Strack Online from our online store, from Amazon or on Flipkart.

Strack is recommended by physiotherapists. It comes with Free iOS and Android Apps, a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, 1 Year Product Warranty, and All India Free Shipping.

Step 2. Get the Mobile App

Download our free app on your phone to connect your device with your phone.

For iOS phone go to App store and search for My Strack App.
For Android phone go to Play Store and search for My Strack App.

Step 3 - Wear it and start using right away!

STRACK can be worn in two ways based on your preference:

1.Using Magnetic Clasp (The device being on the inside of your clothing and the magnetic clasp on the outside.
2. Using Medical Grade/Non-Allergic Adhesive.

Watch these short videos to know more about how Strack works...

Strack Unboxing
Mobile App Walkthrough
How to wear?
How to use the Adhesive?
How to Calibrate?
How it works?

Step 4. Track Your Posture Improvement

Strack works in two operational modes

1. Coach Mode

This mode helps to train the user with personalized training sessions with pre-determined goals.

2. Manual Mode

This mode helps user to train on his own with customized Goals

Coach mode has 30 days coaching sessions. Each Coaching session(day) has daily goal per hour based on your personal profile which is your recommended training time for the coaching session.

We recommend you to complete your 30-day coaching sessions before changing to the Manual Mode.

Strack Effortlessly Improves Your Posture in Just Two Weeks

  • Recommended by Physiotherapists

  • Free Shipping all over India

  • Free iOS and Android App

  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty