How It Works – UV Tracking

Get Sun Kissed the Smart Way

Get sun kissed the smart way! Soak up some feel good vibes from the sun while avoiding sunburn by using SunTrack to monitor your sun exposure. Say hello to all that Vitamin D goodness.

Kiss Sunburn Goodbye

Kiss Sunburn Goodbye

  1. Select O’We’s UV watchface or go to UV app to get real time Sun Exposure.
  2. O’We will track your Safe Sun Time and displays how much time you can spend in sun before getting sunburned or developing skin damage
  3. O’We uses advanced algorithm parameters like skin type, environment and SPF level to calculate safe Skin Exposure Time
  4. O’We alerts you when you consume 80% of your Safe Sun Time to start taking precaution
  5. O’We congratulates you when you consume 100% of your Safe Sun Time and advise you to go indoor or cover up yourself with umbrella
  6. O’We advises you when you’ve had enough sun so your skin never gets a chance to burn
  • O’We advises you on preventive measures against sunburn
  • Always heed O’We’s advice to ensure that you get sun kissed the smart way
  • O’We advises you when you’ve had enough sun so your skin never gets a chance to burn

O’We helps you get your daily dose of Vitamin D in just the right amounts.

O’We tracks your Vitamin D consumption

You’ll always be kept in the loop on how much sun you’re getting. Too little, and O’We advises you to get more. Too much, and O’We helps protect you from sunburn

Vitamin D for a Healthier You

We’re no stranger to the benefits of sunlight. It helps boost your body’s Vitamin D supply, and in turn, helps lower your blood pressure, enhance your mood and improve your overall wellness.

However, too much sunlight may lead to sunburn and skin cancer. With O’We, it’s now easier than ever before to track your Skin Exposure Time to make sure you get just the perfect amount of sunlight each day. Start supercharging your daily activities and power up your health and wellness with O’We Smartwatch!